Matthew Berner's Projects and Technology






  • Graduation Application
    • Location: University of Pennsylvania - School of Design
    • URL: Graduation Application
    • Project: Add and remove header from form and update application. the additions to the application include:
      • Delete and Delete ALL Applications
      • Edit the top part of the original form with little of no HTML experience and saving each version of that part of the form. Click here to test
      • MySQL database built to contain the versions of the top part of form.
  • Newsletter Email Piece
    • Location: Circle of Stones Ritual Theatre
    • URL: Newsletter Email Piece
    • Project: Built an email piece in order to send out monthly newsletters to subscribers. The specifics of project:
      • MySQL database containing the names of subscribers and mailing lists
      • PHP driven application with the ability to send text to HTML emails.
  • Picture Upload Piece
    • Location: Circle of Stones Ritual Theatre
    • URL: Picture Upload Piece
    • Project: PHP driven application to upload pictures, whose locations are stored in MySQL database, to web page.
  • CodeIgniter Framework Example
    • URL: CodeIgniter Example
      • Few pages of my portfolio using CodeIgniter Framework.
      • Helpers used include: URL and HTML.
      • Library used include: Parser library.
      • Contact Us page
      • Helpers used include: URL and Form
      • Libraries used include form_validation and parser
  • CD Form Application
    • URL: CD Form
    • PHP driven application with a MYSQL database to keep track of CDs and music tracks on those CDs.
    • Form using AJAX to grab current information in database process a report - Report Example



Photoshop Examples


Jquery Projects

  • Homepage News Banner
    • Location: Discovery Semiconductor Inc
    • URL: Discovery Semiconductor homepage
    • This was a Slide.js sliding banner added to the website to show the companies current news articles and place more content on the homepage
  • Product Page Graph Slider
    • Location: Discovery Semiconductors Inc
    • URL: DSC30S40S50S Product Page
    • This was Flexslider sliding banner, it replaced an Accordion.js. This banner allowed the visitor to see the graphs accompanying the product better. The sliding banner is responsive in that it would fit to devices.
  • Home Page Banner
    • Location: St John's Lutheran - Emmaus, PA.
    • URL: St John's Lutheran home page
    • This Flexislider slideing banner added to the website promote mews and videos for the church. The slider is responsive where it will fit to devices that view the website.
  • Test Sliding Banners

Websites (Built/ Managed)


Work Related Projects

  • Rodale Work Projects
  • Muhlenberg College Redesign
    • Rebuilt webite, include navigation and general content
    • Example 1: Athletics
    • Example 2: Pyschology
  • QVC
    • Example 1: Weekly Website Ads
    • Example 2: Example 2: Weekly ad
      • added new content, graphics and links for weekly ads.
    • Website Redesign: redesigned website from HTM/CSS to a Content Managemnent System built in Micrsoft InfoPath

Email Blasts

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