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Rodale Work Projects


Women's Health Personal Trainer - Beach Body Email
Organic Gardening - FREE Easy Tomato Grow Guide
Prevention - Thyroid Mind Power Email
Men's Health Personal Trainer - Spratcus -short version email
Runner's World Sweepstakes Email

Forms - Tableless

Men's Health Interstitials - Version 1
Men's Health Interstitials - Version 3
Runner's World AVC Form - Version C


Prevention Footer - Changed logo, added stripes, changed text
Women's Health Personal Trainer banner - change main image
Women's Health Personal Trainer Flyout - changed image and text
Runner's World Sweepstakes - OAE Image - Orderform Image
Beach Body- OAE Html example page
Close Panels


Women's Health Personal Trainer - Beach Body - Landing Page
Preventions - Thyroid Mind Power Website - Revise
Runner's World Sweepstake UOF - web page - Embedded Form

Special Project

Photography email - Emails links to online JQuery slideshow of images
Sliding Panel Website Project - Test
Flow Player example- Demo Women's Health

Research - Slider Project

I did the research on the slider project, but it was completed after I left the Rodale. Please click here regarding more information on this project.

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