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The Beach-Ready Body Workout Plan

Whether you need to get in shape fast or just want to maintain your sizzling look all year round, the
Beach-Ready Body Workout is a plan that will slim and tone your entire body—FAST.

With the Beach-Ready Body Workout, designed by the experts at Women’s Health
and powered by Women’s Health Personal Trainer, you can:

  • Flatten your belly and sculpt sexy arms and a tight butt
  • Log on anytime and anywhere, because Women’s Health Personal Trainer is available 24/7
  • Dig into delicious foods that meet your body-slimming goals
  • Stay on track and keep going strong with the Personal Trainer experts and community

The power of the Beach-Ready Body Workout comes from the fast-paced circuits that get your heart rate up
and torch tons of calories, while shaping long, lean muscles—all in a short amount of time.

Last-minute weekend plans? Don’t expect miracles, but here's how to keep on
target—even on the weekend.

  • Torch calories and spike your metabolism with a fast-paced strength circuit.
  • Cut sugar, alcohol, sodium, and refined carbs (e.g., white bread and pasta)
    out of your diet and limit fiber intake to about 25 grams a day. All of this stuff
    causes your body to retain water, making you look (and feel) bloated.
  • Fill up on vegetables, protein, and a little healthy fat the night before a big event.
    And limit starchy carbs. This combination revs up your metabolism and helps
    eliminate extra water weight.

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